In Arabic, the word [سامِر] refers to someone who engages in [سَمَر] — entertainment derived for social enjoyment of the arts, especially storytelling and poetry.

In response to the severe dearth of graded reader fiction in Arabic and the absence of any scale of simplification, the main objective of the SAMER project is to create a standard for the simplification of modern fiction in Arabic to school-age learners and to use this standard to simplify a number of Arabic fiction masterpieces.

The project is intended to progress as follows:

  • Building a corpus of Arabic texts used in official school curricula,
  • Analyzing it for features of text difficulty using computational methods and tools,
  • Generating a Graded Reader Scale (GRS) mirroring readability levels in based on school curricula to assist in the simplification process, and
  • Attracting writing talents from around the Arab World to simplify selected works in Arabic fiction according to our GRS levels and guidelines.