Social Science

The disciplines in this field seek to deepen our understanding of how people behave in a wide variety of contexts and to assess the consequences of individual, group, and societal decisions. Collectively, Social Science seeks to explain and investigate the functioning of society, and address the vast array of pressing contemporary issues that affect individual and societal well-being.

  • How does our broader environment affect how we develop as individuals and behave collectively in our communities?
  • Why do our societies look the way they do, and why do they differ?
  • What drives pervasive inequality within and across regions, and what policies and institutions affect this?

The breadth of research in Social Science at NYU Abu Dhabi uses data to help historians, economists, NGOs, and governments better understand human behavior — and improve people’s lives.


A new world is unfolding before our eyes and at a remarkably dramatic pace in the wider region, rendering our presence in Abu Dhabi all the more meaningful.

Dean Hervé Crès

Latest News

Daniel Karell wins 2018 JPR Best Paper Award on his article, Aid, exclusion and the local dynamics of insurgency in Afghanistan.

ThePrint spoke to some of the biggest names in Indian intelligentsia and asked who are the brightest minds on the horizon. Rahul Sagar was identified as one of the next generation of Indian intellectuals.

Leonid Peisakhin awarded the 2018 Gregory Luebbert Best Article Award from the APSA’s Comparative Politics Section on the paper 'The Legacy of Political Violence Across Generations'.

Rachel Brulé wins Best Paper in Comparative Politics at MPSA for research on the implications of Meghalaya’s inheritance system.

Quartz has identified Bob AllenGlobal Distinguished Professor of Economic History, as one of 13 economists on the research that shaped our world in 2017

David Cook-Martin recipient of ASA “Distinguished Scholarly Book Award” for his book on Culling the Masses: The Democratic Origins of Racial Immigration Policy in the Americas.

Peter Van der Windt recipient of 2016 Annual Bruce Russett Award for his article, Crowdseeding in Eastern Congo: Using Cell Phones to Collect Conflict Events Data in Real Time in the Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Featured Videos

Social Science Faculty in the Media

Jobs for the boys? New study shows how career paths can be guided by gender
Ernesto Reuben, Associate Professor of Economics
The National | Nov 24, 2018

Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work
Swethaa Ballakrishnen, Faculty Fellow
Harvard Business Review | Aug 28, 2018

The Industrial Revolution could shed light on modenr productivity
Robert Allen, Global Distinguished Professor of Economic History, Social Science
The Economist | Aug 2, 2018

NYU Abu Dhabi grant winners hope to solve social issues with their research
Maitha Al Memari and Hannah Taylor
The National | May 30, 2018

Staff bonuses: there is no right way to reward employees
Pablo Hernandez-Lagos, Assistant Professor of Economics
Financial Times | April 04, 2018

When does Russian propaganda work — and when does it backfire? Here’s what we found.
Leonid Peisakhin, Assistant Professor of Political Science
The Washington Post | April 03, 2018

Featured Articles

Two 2019 UAE Rhodes Scholars

Congratulations Majida Al Maktoum, left, and Amal Al Gergawi, right, making this a total of 10 out of 12 Rhodes Scholars from the Division of Social Science!

Policy Influencers

NYU Abu Dhabi researchers are helping to inform policy and improve lives in developing African nations such as Congo, Ghana, and Uganda.

National Academy of Sciences

Paula England, Silver Professor of Sociology at NYU New York and an affiliated faculty member at NYUAD, among the 84 new members and 21 foreign associates who were elected.


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