Social Science

The disciplines in this field seek to deepen our understanding of how people behave in a wide variety of contexts and to assess the consequences of individual, group, and societal decisions. Collectively, Social Science seeks to explain and investigate the functioning of society and address the vast array of pressing contemporary issues that affect individual and societal well-being.

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Government Activity in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

Robert Kubinec and a team of researchers created an index to gauge the governments’ reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak and found patterns in policy-making that could help provide a glimpse into the future of humanity’s fight against the coronavirus.

COVID-19's Social Impact

Kinga Makovi and Malte Reichelt, assistant professors of the Social Research and Public Policy program at NYU Abu Dhabi, are working with a network of academics to study the immediate, short, and long-term social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, Germany and Singapore.

Partisanship and Fakenews during Coronavirus

Melina Platas, Assistant Professor of Political Science at NYU Abu Dhabi, provided analysis on US government polls that shows how Republicans and Democrats trust of the US President impact their perception of COVID-19’s threat to public health and public life.

Why crowds may not have wisdom
Rebecca Morton

Your career path may be influenced by your gender
Ernesto Reuben

Are the rich more selfish than the poor?
Nikos Nikiforakis


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