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The Arts and Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi encompass fields of central importance to human culture and creativity. Research and scholarly activity in the Arts and Humanities is creative and collaborative, spanning the disciplines to better understand the human experience through works of art and literature.

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The Discourses

February 2020

Justin Stearns (Associate Professor in Arab Crossroads Studies, NYUAD) recently published of the first of two volumes of his translation and edition of the seventeenth century Moroccan scholar al-Yusi's Discourses.

Ahmadiyya Islam and the Muslim Diaspora

 February 2020

Marzia Balzani (Program Head, Anthropology; Research Professor of Anthropology, NYUAD) recently published Ahmadiyya Islam and the Muslim Diaspora.

This book is a study of the UK-based Ahmadiyya Muslim community in the context of the twentieth-century South Asian diaspora.