Laboratory for Immuno Bioengineering Research and Applications (LIBRA)

Laboratory for Immuno Bioengineering Research and Applications (LIBRA) focuses on the mechanobiology of single immune cells and the implications of microenvironmental cues in down stream immune biology. We are interested in depicting the mechanisms of these signals and further investigate the possibilities of modulating the immune outcome using bioengineering strategies. The result may aid in the development of novel approaches to enhance mechanistic studies for basic research purposes as well as to provide input or technologies for translational therapeutics.

​LIBRA is interdisciplinary, using microfluidic-based and conventional invitro culture systems, live-imaging and computational-biology tools. Embracing the complex yet interesting immune system, and making sense of it through adoption of engineering approaches.

​LIBRAs are fascinated by balance and are cooperative by nature. Like our immune system, the cells maintain immune homeostasis through the action and team work of the key cellular players.