eARThumanities Research Initiative

In recent years, scholars across the globe covering a wide range of disciplines have come to believe that environmental challenges need to be addressed not solely – and perhaps not even primarily – from an engineering or a natural science perspective, but from a wider humanities based understanding and analysis of the relationship between humans and their environment.

With the creation of the eARThumanities research initiative launched in the spring of 2017, NYUAD has taken a bold and significant step in building a locus of intellectual research and debate from which to contribute robustly to the emerging field of environmental humanities. Moreover, at NYUAD the eARThumanities research initiative is emphasizing the significance of the arts in this wider conversation, while also drawing on the social sciences and the physical sciences and engineering to foster interdisciplinary dialogue. The Near East and Northern and Eastern Africa are seriously under-researched in major aspects of their human and environmental relations. The research and study of their past and present challenges is of crucial importance as we move forward into a period of increased demographic pressure and global climate change.

eARThumanities Functions

  • Research in the NYUAD eARTHumanities Initiative will feature projects and contributions by faculty members from a plethora of disciplines and fields. The initiative has also launched a collaboration with The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC), of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, (LMU Munich) with which it organizes annual scholarly workshops.

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To request information or to submit material, please contact: 

Sophia Kalantzakos
Global Distinguished Professor Environmental Studies and Public Policy