Gazelien Records

Gazelien Records was initiated in 2018 to provide academic and Industry based experience to meet the growing interest of NYUAD students in order to provide them with real-world opportunities. Gazelien Records operates like a major label company, thanks to the support and the music industry experience of the faculty involved. The skills learned and the experience students will gain will be essential training for anyone interested in a career in the Music of Post Production Industry.

With the constant growth of music demands, and technology evolution, training needs must go beyond the scope of preparing students that are looking for an opportunity to get a job in the Industry.

Gazelien Records includes among partners a global network of music technologists and institutions such as the NYU New York, Production Lab, Loa District Recording Studio in Rome, and LUISS University.

Gazelien Records director Professor Matteo Marciano is a Multi-Platinum record producer, mixer, engineer, composer, and educator with over a decade of experience in the music entertainment industry. Professor Marciano has envisioned Gazelien Records as a center that allows for the music technologists, record producers, musicians, at NYUAD and in the U.A.E. to have a practical application in the University. The Center’s team, exclusively NYUAD Students, have thus worked on many national and international projects acquiring a tremendous exposure and skills needed in the Industry.

Projects clusters encourage collaborative, multi-disciplinary work amongst Gazelien Records audio engineers, producers and musicians, making its signature NYUAD Gazelien Records a regional incubator for music technology research and music creation.


  • Provide students with professional experience in a controlled environment, exposing them to real-life industry projects, from music creation to sound design for Film
  • Give students the opportunity to build and develop their professional portfolio during their time at NYU Abu Dhabi with the purpose of establishing solid professional credentials in the industry.
  • Prepare students for a real job in the industry and not an internship
  • Teach students how to interact and collaborate with industry professionals, building a strong network between them.
  • Create an incubator for students’ creative projects that trains and supports them in developing their artistic vision.


  • Develop NYU Abu Dhabi as a leading center for audio content production in the Gulf, working alongside regional and international artists, as well as content creators.
  • Promote the audio-related arts in Abu Dhabi and the UAE by hosting events and workshops that help develop local artists.
  • Become a resource for NYU Abu Dhabi that provides audio content created by students for events, public relations, marketing and promotions, or other university-related purposes.