Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Faculty from electrical and computer engineering, psychology, and computer science from NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and NYU New York established the Center for AI and Robotics (CAIR) at NYUAD to conduct fundamental research and develop applications in AI and robotics. Its research areas include the processing and fusion of data from sensors to perceive the surroundings of the robot and intention of moving objects, path planning and navigation in unknown environments, coordination of multi-agent systems formed by groups of robots, brain-machine interfaces, autonomous decision-making, and robotic safety and resiliency.

CAIR’s five research clusters are:

  1. multi-agent systems;
  2. planning, navigation, and perception;
  3. deep learning for safety, security, and resiliency for robotic systems;
  4. human-machine interfaces; and
  5. applications.

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Primary Investigator(s)

Anthony Tzes
Lead Primary Investigator

Farshad Khorrami
Co-Primary Investigator
Yann LeCun
Co-Primary Investigator