The Arabic Studies minor at NYU Abu Dhabi oversees all matters related to the teaching and learning of Arabic at the University. Its main objective is to provide opportunities to enhance student awareness of the cultural riches of the Arab World.

The minor creates immersive and interactive opportunities for its body of learners with the Arabic-speaking communities of Abu Dhabi, and produces critical research on the Arabic language that meets the United Arab Emirate’s academic and professional needs and expectations.

Educational Objectives

  • Provide students with effective classroom instruction for the acquisition of the Arabic Language both in its Modern Standard form and four of its main vernaculars (Gulf, Levantine, Egyptian, and Maghaaribi Arabic); 
  • Enhance the students linguistic and cultural proficiency in Arabic through immersive interaction with the Arabic-speaking communities in Abu Dhabi and the UAE;
  • Be a resource on Arabic for the NYUAD community to help its members understand and connect with the local culture;
  • Help professionalize the field of Arabic pedagogy to bring its status to bar with that of major world languages today; and,
  • Give back to the Abu Dhabi community in the form of outreach support and research on the teaching and learning of Arabic in the UAE educational system.



Featured Course

Emirati Arabic in Al Ain during January Term immerses students in local culture and language.

Majlis al-Dhad Monthly Lecture Series

Majlis al-Dhad is a monthly lecture series in Arabic that brings together specialists and professionals in the field of Arabic language and pedagogy to exchange ideas and expertise. It is designed for an in-depth exploration of some of the most challenging issues facing the Arabic language today, and for discussion of current topics in Arabic linguistics and language teaching, as well as for exploring new trends in Arabic pedagogy, and promoting innovative instructional strategies between Arabic-speaking countries.