Center for Stability, Instability, and Turbulence

Instability of dynamics flows and their transition to turbulence are widespread phenomena in engineering, computer science, geophysics, biophysics, and the natural environment. The interdisciplinary research Center of Stability, Instability, and Weak Turbulence will develop novel enabling technology to deal with this phenomena.

Stabilities, instabilities, transient behaviors, and weak turbulence appear in several disciplines across science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and innovation (STEM-I). Many of these problems can be captured using properly designed dynamical systems. Hydrodynamic stability analysis has applications in the study of the development of singularities, the long-time behavior of complex systems, the formation of spatial patterns, the transition between stability and instability and the first steps of transition towards turbulence.

Broader Impacts

The Center will advance the state of knowledge in the broad areas of stability of interactive dynamical systems. Research results will have a direct impact on several applications in social science, science, engineering, and innovation. The Center will have a direct impact within Abu Dhabi, the Emirates, and the MENA region through applied research on coral marine ecosystems, road traffic safety, crowd management, and evacuation of high-level buildings and towers.

Specifically, the Center leverages theoretical developments to advance applied research on:

  • ocean flows and waves and their impact on marine ecosystems
  • traffic and crowd flows and their impact on urban sustainability and safety
  • biochemical reactive systems and their impact to microbiology
  • game theory and knowledge modeling and their impact on socio-economic problems
  • plasma physics and its effect on fusion power generation.

Researcher Spotlight


If you have any questions, please email

Nader Masmoudi
Professor of Mathematics
Tej-eddine Ghoul
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Tembine Hamidou
Francesco Paparella
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Zineb Hassainia
Research Scientist
Julian Barreiro-Gomez
Postdoctoral Associate

Yu Liang
Postdoctoral Associate
Jie Liu
Postdoctoral Associate

Meropi Lambrou
Center Coordinator