Integrated BioElectronics Laboratory

Sohmyung Ha Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi

The Integrated BioElectronics Lab at New York University Abu Dhabi, led by Sohmyung Ha, aims at advancing the engineering and applications of silicon integrated technology interfacing with biology in a variety of forms ranging from implantable biomedical devices to unobtrusive wearable sensors.

The engineering advances in the design of integrated circuits and system components target high performance, miniature form factor, and power autonomy in fully integrated interfaces. Targeted applications include self-powered biosensors for wearable health monitoring, subcutaneous glucose sensors for continuous monitoring in diabetes patients, scalable high-resolution retinal prostheses, and minimally invasive brain-computer interfaces for closed-loop remediation of neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Job Openings

We are always looking talented people with a strong work ethic and self-motivation. Please visit our lab website for other openings.

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Sohmyung Ha
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: +971-2-628-5064