Global TIES for Children

Global TIES for Children is an international research center based at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU New York. Established in 2014, Global TIES for Children was developed to lead efforts in generating rigorous evidence to support the best and most effective humanitarian and development aid. To date, Global TIES for Children has secured a position at the front lines of advances in methods and measures for assessing child development and for understanding variation in program impacts at multiple levels in low-income and crisis-affected contexts. 

The center designs, evaluates, and advises on programs and policies to improve the lives of children and youth in the most vulnerable regions across the globe. We work with some of the world’s leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and with governments in low-income (LI) and conflict-affected (CA) countries on developing and evaluating innovative approaches to promoting holistic development of children and their communities.

Global TIES for Children's Response to COVID-19

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Our Mission

Together with our key strategic partner organizations, our work leverages cutting-edge scientific methods and interdisciplinary collaboration to:

  • Generate actionable evidence to promote child and youth development by conducting and evaluating powerful strategies to transform relevant “social settings” (i.e., classrooms, schools, families, communities, etc.) that are key drivers of children’s learning and well-being; and
  • Communicate actionable evidence by engaging diverse stakeholders across sectors and regions and disseminating a rigorous evidence base to inform program and policy decisions for children and youth in LI and CA countries;
  • Build human, administrative, and institutional capacity for a robust global science and practice through the provision of professional development and training activities.

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Hirokazu Yoshikawa, co-director of Global TIES for Children and professor of globalization and education at NYU Steinhardt, discusses the center's research on child development in humanitarian contexts with Sesame Workshop, the LEGO Foundation and the International Rescue Committee.

Larry Aber, co-director of Global TIES for Children and Willner Family Professor of Psychology and Public Policy at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, talks about the educational challenges in conflict-affected countries and ways to tackle them.

"The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development" is an SDG Academy Course curated and presented by global Early Childhood Development experts including Global TIES co-director, Hirokazu Yoshikawa. 

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Principal Investigator

J. Lawrence Aber
Professor of Applied Psychology

Co-Principal Investigator

Yoshikawa Hirokazu
Courtney Sale Ross Professor of Globalization and Education