Applied Interactive Multimedia Laboratory

The Applied Interactive Multimedia (AIM) research group at New York University Abu Dhabi is working with diverse facets of interactive multimedia and immersive multimodal systems. Our interest includes the conception, engineering, and utilization of novel haptic interfaces as a new media in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). AIM investigates the acquisition, communication, and display of spatial, temporal, and physical knowledge of perceived reality through the human sense of touch and the integration/coordination of this knowledge with other sensory displays (such as audio, video, text, smell, etc.) in a general multimedia system. Several applications are of our interest including multimodal learning, gaming, and interpersonal communication.

The AIM lab is pursuing research in the area of affective haptics. Affective Haptics is an emerging area of research that related to, arises from, or influences emotion and enable affective interaction by means of sense of touch. Our goal is to explore the following areas:

  •  acquisition of human emotions via haptic modality;
  •  display of human emotions using haptic display devices;
  •  and enhancement of user’s affective state and reproduction of feeling of social touch by means of haptic stimulation.

Featured Projects


Neural models that quantify human haptic experiences based on brain activities. Stimulates human haptic responses during haptic intervention.


Development of haptically-guided assistive platform to help children with learning difficulties to acquire important handwriting skills in different languages.


Provides 3D tactile feedback via focused ultrasound without physical contact with human skin. Designed to create an immersive multimodal system.

Haptic Jacket

Studies the relationship between touch and emotions. Haptic jacket displays vibrotactile sensation with several modes and sensations of interaction.


Development of haptics-based virtual reality periodontal training simulation. Designed to provide both visual and tactile dental sensations.

Haptic Eye

Designed to produce thermal property measurements of materials based on their response to thermal excitation. Allows material identification.


Principal Investigator

Mohamad Eid
Asisstant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: +971 2-628-4182

Research Engineer

George Korres
Senior Research Engineer

Research Engineer

Muhammad Hassan Jamil
Associate Instructor of Engineering

Postdoctoral Fellows

Wanjoo Park
Postdoctoral Associate

PhD Students

Haneen Hisham Alsuradi