The educational mission of New York University Abu Dhabi emphasizes the integration of the life, physical, mathematical, and computer sciences with other academic disciplines. This integration manifests itself in the multidisciplinary nature of research at NYUAD, research that addresses some of the most pressing issues affecting the globe while simultaneously asking questions that further the basic understanding of nature and the universe.


"Offering exceptional interdisciplinary opportunities due to the strength and excellence of our individual programs."

Marta Losada, Dean of Science; Professor of Physics

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Saving an Earth in Crisis

Global warming is challenging the livelihoods of everybody on the planet. While policy change and better consumer habits offer a glimmer of hope for the future, scientific research may be our best chance at saving an Earth in crisis.

All Things Must Adapt

NYU Abu Dhabi researchers study adaptation on a local and global scale, from the Emirati population of the UAE, to the Horn of Africa, to remote corners of the world’s oceans.

Jet Lag. It's Just a Matter of Time

Neurobiologist Dipesh Chaudhury explains the impacts of air travel on the human brain, how it effects the our natural circadian rhythm and results in the dreaded jet lag.

A Unique Family Tree

Research sheds new light on the evolutionary history of one of the earliest domesticated tree crops in the world and a major fruit crop in North Africa and the Middle East.

Finding a Deeper Meaning in Numbers

Naser Masmoudi’s research looks to apply the latest mathematical advances to solve modern day problems, but wants his new research center to do the kind of “pure math” that has unlocked so much of today’s cutting edge technology.