NYU Abu Dhabi has established scientific centers, labs, and special projects that address issues of local, regional, and global significance such as predicting sea level change, better understanding of Arabian Gulf ecosystems, and improving public health in the UAE.

Significant investments have been made in research equipment and instrumentation, with core facilities established in critical research areas like imaging and microscopy, genetic sequencing, and materials science. NYUAD's research program continues to evolve, thus helping Abu Dhabi become a recognized world center for scientific discovery and innovation.

Research Highlights

Exploring the Mystery of Arabian Gulf Coral

Coral Reef Genetics

The key to coral reef survival in the next century could lie right here in the Arabian Gulf.

Investigating India's Evolving Monsoon

Climate Modeling

NYU Abu Dhabi scientists are developing sophisticated computer models to improve climate prediction.

NYU Abu Dhabi launches UAE Healthy Future Study

Public Health

NYU Abu Dhabi is leading a historic long-term study to better understand high incidences of diabetes and heart disease among UAE Nationals.

Space Science With Earthly Ties

Space Science

NYU Abu Dhabi has critical infrastructure required to support the UAE's space science innovation agenda.

Academic Programs

The increasingly interdisciplinary nature of modern scientific research requires that biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and physicists have a fundamental understanding of one another's areas. It is important for students engaged in these areas to understand and experience multiple scientific disciplines and their interrelationships.

Undergraduate Programs Degree Major/minor
Biology BS Major
Chemistry BS Major
Computer Science BS Major
Mathematics BS Major
Mathematics - Applied   Minor
Physics BS Major
Psychology BS Major
Psychology    Minor

Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Programs Major / minor
Design Minor
The Environment Minor
Interactive Media Minor
Natural Science Minor
Sound and Music Computing Minor

News Highlights