The educational mission of New York University Abu Dhabi emphasizes the integration of the life, physical, mathematical, and computer sciences with other academic disciplines. This integration manifests itself in the multidisciplinary nature of research at NYUAD, research that addresses some of the most pressing issues affecting the globe while simultaneously asking questions that further the basic understanding of nature and the universe.

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  • Coral Bleaching Paper

    April 24, 2019 - Associate Professor of Biology John Burt and his Marine Biology Laboratory Manager Grace Vaughan, along with Associate Professor of Mathematics Francesco Paparella and NYUAD Undergraduate Student Chenhau Zu have developed a cross-disciplinary collaboration to publish a paper entitled “Coral Bleaching in the Persian/Arabian Gulf Is Modulated by Summer Winds”. Paparella Francesco, Xu Chenhao, Vaughan Grace O., Burt John A. (2019). Frontiers in Marine Science. Vol. 6, Article 25, pp.1-15.

    This paper uses several years of reef-based temperature logger data as well as hydrodynamic modeling to show that coral bleaching events in the southern Arabian Gulf are the direct results of weak wind conditions, and that non-bleaching years are due to the presence of occasional shamal wind events which cool sea temperatures through evaporative heart loss.

    UAE Graduate Students Conference April 16, 2019 - Senior Vice Provost of Research; Managing Director, Research Institute and Professor of Biology Sehamuddin Galadari delivered the keynote lecture entitled, “The Seedling That is to Grow to a Fruit Tree Needs a Talented Gardener” at the UAE Graduate Students Conference 2019, held at Zayed University Abu Dhabi. 
    Biodiversity of North American Dryobates Woodpeckers Article  April 13, 2019 - Professor of Biology Stephane Boissinot published an article entitled “Biodiversity of North-American Dryobates Woodpeckers Reveals Little Gene Flow Across the D. Nuttalli x D. Scalaris Contact Zone.” Joseph D Manthey, Stéphane Boissinot, Robert G Moyle. (1 April 2019). The Auk: Ornithological Advances. Volume 136, Issue 2, ukz015. The article was a collaboration with former NYUAD Postdoctoral Associate Joseph Manthey and Robert Moyle, from Kansas State University.    
    Abu Dhabi Mangroves Interview

    April 12, 2019 - Assistant Professor of Biology Shady Amin was interviewed by The National Newspaper for an article entitled, "Why the UAE's Mangroves are so Important - And How to Save Them".     

Featured Media Articles

Abu Dhabi Research Could Help Reduce Side Effects of Cancer Care
Research in Abu Dhabi involving a molecule that delivers drugs directly to cancer cells could offer a new way of improving treatments.
The National | May 23, 2019

Atlantic Sea-Surface Temperatures Could Affect Monsoons
Changes in the sea-surface temperatures in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean have gained influence on India’s summer monsoon and could affect the rains the way El Nino of the Pacific Ocean does, studies suggest.
The Telegraph | May 17, 2019

NYU Abu Dhabi Scientists Solve 40-year Antarctic Hole-in-the-Ice Mystery
Scientists in Abu Dhabi have solved the mystery of how an open body of water formed in the middle of thick ice during the Antarctic winter.
The National | May 09, 2019

Artificial Tidal Pools to be Built to Promote Marine Biodiversity
Artificial tidal pools will be built along the coastline of Ras Al Khaimah as part of a pilot project to provide a habitat for marine creatures and organisms.
The National | May 06, 2019

Mystery Sea Opened up During the Antarctic Winter. Now, Scientists Know Why
A swath of ice-free sea that regularly opens up during the frigid Antarctic winters is created by cyclones.
Fox News | April 30, 2019

Coral Bleaching in Arabian Gulf Modulated by Shamal Winds, Say NYUAD Researchers
Corals in the Arabian Gulf are not immune to extreme heat events associated with global warming that are impacting coral reefs elsewhere in the world, researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi have revealed.
Emirates News Agency | April 29, 2019

Huge Dancing Jets from a Spinning Black Hole
The violent jets of matter emitted from a black hole can rapidly change direction in a matter of hours.
Nature Middle East | April 29, 2019

Why the UAE's Mangroves are so Important - and How to Save Them
Mangroves are estimated to cover more than 150 square kilometers of the UAE's coastline, acting as a "green lung" for big cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, while also providing habit for wildlife and recreation grounds for humans.
The National | April 12, 2019


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