Campus Life

Housing Essentials

Everything you need to know about life at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Things to Do

At NYU Abu Dhabi, there’s always something to do. Students live on a vibrant, residential
campus located near many public beaches, restaurants, and world famous sites.

Explore Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has a lively entertainment scene, giant shopping centers, many places of worship, and modern transportation, healthcare, and banking systems. It’s yours to discover.

Student Activities

Student life activities are a great way to build leadership skills, meet new people, and have fun!


How to get involved and engage with your community in meaningful ways.

Tatyana's NYUAD Story

“Being surrounded by people who understand what it's like to be away from home. Everybody gets it."

Student Stories

How to make the most of your four years at NYUAD.

Warming up to a New City

How an unlikely class scavenger hunt can help you discover not just your new city, but who you are.

Just Explore

Passion for science leads NYU Abu Dhabi senior to exciting opportunities in Shanghai and New York.


Inspiring room designs by students from all over the world.

What Will You Discover?

Play a sport, join a club, or see a concert. Living on campus at NYU Abu Dhabi is an extraordinary experience that promotes intellectual curiosity, social networking, and exposure to the customs and cultures of Abu Dhabi and the world. Our students come from over 100 different countries!