Laboratory for Advanced Bio-Photonics and Imaging (LAB-π)

The Zam Lab for Advanced Bio-Photonics and Imaging (LAB-π) is focused on the development and clinical translation of smart devices for medical imaging, diagnostics, and monitoring using novel optical technologies, which include smart laser surgery, optical coherence tomography (OCT), photoacoustics, biomedical spectroscopy, AI-assisted optical diagnostics and imaging, optical-based smart biosensors, and miniaturized optical systems. We use advanced optical methods to detect, measure, and quantify what is otherwise invisible to address unmet needs in biology and medicine. We take an interdisciplinary, team-based approach in our research, combining physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, computer science, and clinical expertise. Our lab is located at the Experimental Research Building (C1), a campus that encourages and fosters discovery, interaction, and collaboration.

Contact Us

Experimental Research Building (C1)
Ground Floor
Phone: +97126287736

Primary Investigator

Azhar Zam
Associate Professor of Bioengineering


Pauline John
Postdoctoral Fellow