NYUAD’s liberal arts education teaches you to ask difficult questions, discover new ideas, and build practical skills to become an expert in your own field — whatever that may be.

Work alongside global experts on important research topics ranging from cybersecurity to urban planning. PhD fellows at NYU Abu Dhabi earn competitive compensation packages.

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Featured Research

Research at NYU Abu Dhabi deepens our understanding of the world and ourselves.

Just Plane Noisy

As the airline industry grows, researchers are trying to figure out how to make aircraft quieter.

Saving an Earth in Crisis

July was the hottest month on record, the world mourned the loss of its first glacier, and the Amazon is on fire.

January Term at NYU Abu Dhabi

With 90 courses in 24 countries, our J-Term courses are immersive, concentrated experiences in the UAE and aboard for our students. 

Liberal Arts Education

Here, you have the freedom to choose your major and study other subjects at the same time. 

Arab Crossroads Studies

Part of the reason I had come to NYU Abu Dhabi was where it is situated— I knew I would be doing Arab crossroads.


I took this class because I hope to continue my postgraduate education with a PhD in human genetics.

Art and Art History

This course provided the environment, structure and guidance to explore my creativity and artistic skill on a larger level.

Computer Science

The main motivation for me to take the course was because my computer science minor requires me to complete Algorithms class.

Upcoming Events

NYU Abu Dhabi offers a lively forum for the exchange of ideas with local audiences as well as worldwide academic and research communities.

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