Undergraduate Education

The 21st century requires rigorous, broad, and imaginative undergraduate training. NYU Abu Dhabi’s curriculum provides extraordinary
opportunities for individual exploration and growth, and prepares students to succeed in a truly global world.

Experience NYU Abu Dhabi

“You're always learning from other people. The diversity here is incredible.”

Academic and Research Divisions

NYU Abu Dhabi is building an advanced eco-system of research, academics, programs, and faculty that contribute to the growth of the UAE.

Painting class

Arts and Humanities

NYU Abu Dhabi Arts and Humanities encompass fields of central importance to human culture and creativity.

Engineering student


Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi focuses on innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship in the areas of cyber security, robotics, urban systems, environmental sustainability, and biomedical and health systems.

2014 Experimental Research Building (ERB)


Scientific research at NYU Abu Dhabi addresses some of the most pressing issues affecting the globe while simultaneously asking questions that further our basic understanding of nature and the universe.

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Social Science

Social Science at NYU Abu Dhabi seeks to explain and investigate the functioning of society, and address pressing contemporary issues that affect individual and societal well-being.

Community Education Programs

NYU Abu Dhabi is uniquely positioned to advance Abu Dhabi as a global center of ideas, education, and talent.

NYUAD Summer Academy: A Graduate Perspective

Summer Academy

This program is designed to enhance the academic profiles of highly motivated Abu Dhabi-based Emirati high school students.

Executive Education

The Office of Executive Education offers organizations and senior leaders practical tools and strategies to succeed in today’s global business economy.

A New Model of Education

NYU Abu Dhabi develops future leaders who contribute their passion and skills to NYUAD and the UAE.

NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2015 Graduate Wins Fulbright Grant to Research Farming in Brazil

We’re not just sitting in classrooms reading books about the world. There’s a lot of interaction with the community in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the world. Getting outside my comfort zone, trying something new, and going to new places is something I’ve always cared about.

Matthew French, Social Science
Understanding Oceanography on a Research Expedition to Greenland

At NYUAD, I had the chance to study how glaciers in Greenland melt, spend a semester learning Spanish in Argentina, and travel to Zanzibar to investigate the meaning of marine heritage. This is what I would call education for life.

Tina Skorjanc, Science
Profile of Abdullah Mahomed

Internships, out-of-class interactions, and extracurricular activities were the most valuable part of my university experience. Interacting with students from different backgrounds shaped who I am today.