A New Model of Education

The 21st century requires rigorous, broad, and imaginative educational training. NYU Abu Dhabi provides extraordinary
opportunities for individual exploration and growth, and prepares students to succeed in a truly global world.

Experience NYU Abu Dhabi

“We come from all over the world with so many different backgrounds.”

Choosing a Major

Not sure what you want to do? It's OK! Students typically declare a major after first year. Get inspired by reading about our student's favorite courses.


I chose my major by looking at what makes me happy and what I am passionate about— which is politics and history.


Probability is very useful in many areas of computer science, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a rigorous grasp of the fundamentals.

Literature and Creative Writing

I absolutely love classics like Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, and Dracula, but I’ve also been curious about what gives classics their status as classics.

I was interested in a liberal arts curriculum knowing that I could take a wide range of subjects and not be bound by a single major throughout my four years.

Sarah Almehairi, art and art history major

Taking courses that weren't directly related to my major like a jazz course in New York, or an introduction to programming course have definitely enriched my experience.

Alex Edwards, physics major

Community Education Programs

NYU Abu Dhabi is uniquely positioned to advance Abu Dhabi as a global center of ideas, education, and talent.

Summer Academy

This program is designed to enhance the academic profiles of highly motivated Abu Dhabi-based Emirati high school students.

Executive Education

The Office of Executive Education offers organizations and senior leaders practical tools and strategies to succeed in today’s global business economy.

Developing Leaders

NYU Abu Dhabi develops future leaders who contribute their passion and skills to NYUAD and the UAE.