Computational Approaches to Modeling Language Lab

The Computational Approaches to Modeling Language (CAMeL) Lab is a research lab at New York University Abu Dhabi established in September 2014. CAMeL's mission is research and education in artificial intelligence, specifically focusing on natural language processing, computational linguistics, and data science. The main lab research areas are Arabic natural language processing, machine translation, text analytics, and dialogue systems.

Featured Projects


Parallel Dialectal Corpus and Lexicon for 25+ cities


A browsable 100-million word data set of Gulf Arabic


An Arabic multi-dialect morphological disambiguator



Simplification of Arabic Masterpieces for Extensive Reading


The Open Palestinian Arabic Lexicon


TOIA (time-offset interaction application) is a bilingual (Arabic-English) conversational agent, similar to a chat bot, except that the avatar is based on pre-recorded videos of an actual human being.


CAMeL Lab is part of the CADIM Consortium, which comprises three research labs with active collaboration in Stony Brook UniversityThe George Washington University, and New York University Abu Dhabi.

CAMeL Lab researchers have been involved in collaborations with researchers in a number of local and international universities and companies: American University of Beirut, Birzeit UniversityCarnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Charles University, Columbia University, Mawdoo3, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar University, The George Washington UniversityUnited Arab Emirates University, University of Bahrain, University of Malta, University of Montreal, Zayed University, and others.



Contact Us

Computational Research Building (A2)
Room 189
PO Box 129188
Saadiyat Island
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Nizar Habash, Director
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Phone: +971 2 628-4578