Nikos Nikiforakis

Professor of Economics; Co-director, Center for Behavioral Institutional Design (C-BID) Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi

Research Websites: Social Science Experimental Laboratory (SSEL) Center for Behavioral Institutional Design (C-BID)

Research Areas: Behavioral and public economics

Nikos Nikiforakis’ research interests are predominantly in behavioral and public economics. His main body of work consists of experimental studies in the lab and the field investigating factors that impact on the evolution of cooperation. His work has been published in leading economic journals such as the American Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, European Economic Review and Games and Economic Behavior, as well as in leading interdisciplinary journals such as the Nature Communications, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He is one of the founding researchers of the Center for Behavioral Institutional Design

Prior to joining NYUAD, Nikos held senior positions at the University of Melbourne (Australia), the Max Planck Institute (Germany) and the CNRS (France). Nikos is currently Editor-in-Chief at the Journal of the Economic Science Association, Associate Editor at the European Economic Review, and on the editorial board of the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

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