Transportation Infrastructure Management Lab

Research in the Transportation Infrastructure Management lab at NYU Abu Dhabi includes all aspects of planning and management of surface transportation infrastructure. This research encompasses the development of optimal management policies under uncertainty, developing solutions for reducing the environmental externalities of transportation systems (climate change mitigation) and for protecting urban transportation infrastructure from sea level rises (climate change adaptation).


Principal Investigator

Samer Madanat
Dean of Engineering

Postdoctoral Associate

Ilia Papakonstantinou

Research Scientist

Areg Karapetyan

Research Scientist

Aaron Chow

Research Associate

Alain Tcheukam


August 2020

  • We congratulate our group members Aaron Chow and Jiayun Sun for winning the "Innovation Grant of USD 10,000: DeepTech 2020 Program by startAD," as founders of the startup Pivot.

May 2020

  • Our research group participated in the 4th Annual Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Showcase, which took place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with the following presentations:
    • Chow A., Madanat S., “Infrastructure Protection Against Sea Level Rise for Multimodal Transportation Systems.”
    • Hummel M., Siwe A., Chow A., Stacey M., and Madanat S., “Interacting Infrastructure Disruptions Due to Environmental Events and Long-Term Climate Change.”
  • We congratulate Jiayun Sun, for receiving the Research Showcase Award with his presentation:
    • Sun J., “Infrastructure Protection Against Sea Level Rise for Multimodal Transportation System.”

January 2020

  • Our group member Ilia Papakonstantinou after defending her PhD dissertation, became a postdoctoral associate.

November 2019

  • Our global PhD fellow, Ilia Papakonstantinou, successfully defended her PhD dissertation, entitled “Highway Infrastructure Protection Planning Against Sea Level Rise under Various Decision Maker Scenarios.”

October 2019

  • Sun J., Chow A., Siwe A., Madanat S., “Sea level rise and the San Francisco Bay Area Commute,” Glimpses Exhibition.

September 2019

  • Our group was represented at the SCACR2019 – International Short Course/ Conference on Applied Coastal Research Engineering, Geology, Ecology & Management, in Italy, with an oral presentation:
    • Chow A., Suh J., Siwe A., Sun J., Madanat S., “Inundation Scenarios of Highway and Transportation Systems Due to Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay”

May 2019

  • We participated in the 15th World Conference on Transport Research, in India, with two oral presentations
    • Suh J., Siwe A., Madanat S., “Transportation Infrastructure Protection Planning against Sea Level Rise: Analysis Using Operational Landscape Units.”
    • Papakonstantinou I., Lee J., Madanat S., “Highway Infrastructure Protection against Sea Level Rise: Policy Recommendations for Cooperative and Competitive Decision-Makers.”

March 2019

  • We hosted the 3rd International Symposium on Infrastructure Asset Management, at the NYUAD campus, and presented our work:
    • Papakonstantinou I., Lee J., Madanat S., “The Benefits of Cooperative Policies for Transportation Network Protection from Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of the San Francisco Bay Area”
  • Samer Madanat to deliver the C.C. Mei Distinguished Seminar at MIT in April
    The MIT C.C. Mei Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) was established in 2015 in honor of Fluid Mechanics and Mechanics Professor Chiang Mei. In addition to the fluid mechanics and mechanics cores, this series aims at hosting a number of speakers from diverse areas relevant to the CEE community. This series aims at bringing highly distinguished researchers in engineering and science for talks that are high profile, accessible, and advertised to all of MIT and the larger Boston area. March 5, 2019