Andrea Vial

Assistant Professor of Psychology; Global Network Assistant Professor of Psychology Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA CUNY-Hunter College; PhD Yale University

Research Areas: Social Psychology, Gender, Stereotyping, Prejudice, Power, Workplace Culture

Dr. Andrea Vial is a social psychologist focused on understanding and addressing gender segregation in the workplace and beyond. Why do men and women flock to different roles? What are the psychological processes behind gender employment discrimination? And what are the conditions under which individuals in non-normative roles and domains can thrive? To answer these questions, Vial takes an interdisciplinary approach drawing from social-psychological, sociological, organizational, and developmental perspectives. A common thread is a focus on the interplay between beliefs about roles (i.e., what traits are viewed as required for success in a given domain) and beliefs about groups (i.e., group stereotypes).

Vial received her PhD in Psychology from Yale University in 2018. Most recently, she completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at New York University at the Cognitive Development Lab, working to understand the developmental roots of gender gaps in leadership ambition. Vial’s work has been published in various top journals, including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Journal of Applied Psychology.

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