Magzoub Lab: Biophysics

Despite continuing advances in the development of macromolecules, e.g., proteins and oligonucleotides, for therapeutic purposes, the successful application of these largely hydrophilic molecules has so far been hampered by their inability to efficiently bypass the plasma membrane. Another major drawback hindering the successful application of these therapeutics is their lack of target specificity.

Our research team is actively developing novel drug delivery systems — peptides, liposomes and nanoparticles — to enhance the targeting and cellular uptake of therapeutics in order to maximize their efficacy.

Our research spans and merges three fields: drug delivery strategies, amyloid diseases, and cancer therapeutics. Our collaborations, both within the United Arab Emirates and worldwide, expand and contextualize our research for broader applications.


Name Title
Mazin Magzoub Principal Investigator
Loganathan Palanikumar Research Associate
Sumaya Al Hossani Research Assistant
Ibrahim Chehade Instructor of Biology
Mona Kalmouni Instructor of Biology