John Burt

Program Head, Environmental Studies; Associate Professor of Biology Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD, MS, University of Windsor, Canada; BS,Cape Breton University, Canada; PGCE, University of Sunderland, UK;

Research Websites: Marine Biology Lab Water Research Center

Research Areas: Marine Biology

A marine biologist, John Burt uses the Arabian Gulf as a natural laboratory to study coral reef ecology in extreme environments and to understand how these may serve as a model for the possible impacts of future climate change on reefs elsewhere. His current research seeks to examine how coral communities in these extreme environments respond to and recover from mass bleaching events, and how variation in environmental conditions affect biogeographic patterns of community structure of corals, fish, and other reef biotas in the region.

He also has several postdoctoral researchers studying the molecular biology of corals and their zooxanthellae to understand how corals cope in the uniquely extreme environment of the Gulf. In addition, Burt continues to study the ecological and management implications of coastal developments in urban areas and seeks to develop more sustainable coastal management practices in the Gulf.

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