Robotics and Intelligent Systems Control Laboratory

The Robotics & Intelligent Systems Control Laboratory (RISC Lab) at New York University Abu Dhabi focuses on perception, control, and planning in primarily autonomous robots. Our vision is to realize fully capable aerial workers, delivery systems, and collaborative autonomous agents as well as focus on medical applications.

Active research areas include distributed mapping and localization for autonomous agents, cooperative area coverage and mapping, design and implementation of surgical robotic solutions, collaborative flight of physically connected aerial vehicles, cooperative aerial manipulation, and autonomous ground & aerial package transportation and delivery. RISC Lab operates in two research spaces, the office space located in A1-005, and the Kinesis workspace, in collaboration with the Core Technology Platform of NYUAD, located in C1-B2 Level-029. The Kinesis workspace includes a large experimentation arena, equipped with a state-of-the-art, 24-camera motion capture system, for large-scale indoor experiments.


Name Title
Athanasios Tsoukalas Research Engineer
Nikolaos  Evangeliou Postdoctoral Associate
Daitao Xing Graduate Research Assistant
Dimitris Chaikalis Graduate Research Assistant
Halil Utku Unlu Graduate Research Assistant
Nikolaos Giakoumidis Research Instrumentation Specialist


Primary Investigator

Anthony Tzes
Professor of Electrical Engineering; Program Head of Electrical Engineering