Global Relevance, Local Perspective

Exciting research is happening at NYU Abu Dhabi led by notable faculty from around the world.

Research Highlights

NYU Abu Dhabi research deepens our understanding of the world and ourselves, generates important new knowledge about local history and culture, and facilitates breakthrough discoveries in science and technology.

Urban Family Planning

There’s a proverb attributed to several African countries that says “it takes a village to raise a child". Professor Monica Menendez wants to take that adage a step further and apply it to our urban lifestyles by saying "it takes a city".

Moving Stories

Sociologists and other researchers have moved to Abu Dhabi to study other migrants.

Research Divisions

Research Videos

NYU Abu Dhabi researchers are confronting questions that are important for human progress. 

High rates of diabetes in the UAE
Youssef Idaghdour

A robot that writes perfect Arabic
Mohamad Eid

A potential explanation for hung juries
Rebecca Morton

Postdoctoral and Undergraduate Research

NYU Abu Dhabi supports careers in research by providing a wide range of opportunities for young researchers.

Student Research

NYU Abu Dhabi students pursue significant research topics during their four years of study.

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