Exciting research is happening at NYU Abu Dhabi led by talented faculty from around the globe.

Research Impact

NYU Abu Dhabi research addresses questions that are important for human progress from climate change to artificial intelligence, human behavior and globalization.


Since opening, NYUAD faculty and researchers have published more than 2,100 journals, articles, conference proceedings, books, and book chapters.
They have filed over 90 patents and directed/created more than 125 artistic works.

Featured Researchers

At the Forefront

Cryptologist Hoda Al Khzaimi is a leader in the field of digital security.

Heritage is What You Make it

“If it’s your language, your poetry, your ideas, your history — it can really mobilize people," says anthropologist Nathalie Peutz.

Posdoctoral and Undergraduate Research

NYU Abu Dhabi supports careers in research by providing a wide range of opportunities for young researchers.

Student Research

NYU Abu Dhabi students pursue significant research topics during their four years of study.