Art and Art History

From pre-historic cave art to the digital media of today, human beings across the globe and through the ages have used visual forms to understand and shape their world.

Painting, sculpture, and architecture as well as ornament, design, and photography have provided rich traditions of visual expression and communication, and the development of new media has greatly expanded this visual repertoire. Different cultures, in different places and at different times, have valued and conceptualized vision and made use of the visual arts in a variety of ways.

The visual arts investigate and re-imagine the physical, social, cultural, and spiritual spheres of human existence and offer arguments about and interpretations of these realms.


Research Highlight

Project Description
Akkassah Center for Photography Akkasah, the word for camera in Emirati dialect, explores the histories and contemporary practices of photography in the Arab world from comparative perspectives: it fosters the scholarly study of these histories and practices in dialogue with other photographic cultures — in particular those of Turkey, Iran, South Asia, East Asia, and Africa but also those of Europe, Australia, and the Americas.