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Your NYU Abu Dhabi experience doesn't end when you receive your diploma.
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Exclusive Savings

Enjoy discounts and check deals posted daily in the Alumni PerksConnect section of NYU Home.

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Alumni have free, off-site access to premium electronic databases and research tools.

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Access job resources from the Career Development Center and opportunities on NYUAD CareerNet.

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NYUAD alumni are given access to the campus Library. Our librarians will assist you with any materials you may need.

Lifetime Email

Keep your NYU email powered by Google for life! Simply use the account at least once every six months to keep it active.

Fitness Services

Keep active after graduation! Athletics facilities at NYU Abu Dhabi are open to NYUAD alumni.

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Join a club, start a club, or attend an event with fellow alumni.

Global Clubs

Show your Violet pride by joining or starting a club. There are more than 80 active NYU Alumni clubs around the world.

Global Events

NYU Alumni events are happening on almost every continent. Check the calendar for something in your area.

Impactful Alumni

Every day, NYU alumni leverage their creativity and entrepreneurial vision for the greatest good. With more than half a million NYU alumni around the world, we represent one of the strongest Alumni Associations in the world.

Making an Impact

Alumni Leena Asfour and Zachary Stanley, now medical students in the US, are the lead authors of a published academic article pointing toward a way to change risky health behaviors among teens.

Abu Dhabi to Oxford

Meet the first three students from NYU Abu Dhabi to receive the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University.

Graduate Destinations

We keep in touch with NYU Abu Dhabi alumni to hear your success stories and showcase your achievements.


In 30 years, entire cities will stand on what are now my project zones, complete with meticulously designed neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals thriving off the invisible veins and arteries running beneath their streets.

NYUAD alumna Lan Duong, working as a water engineer in Abu Dhabi

Being an entrepreneur is about the journey, not the destination. You get to become a better person every day thanks to circumstances that constantly test your limits.

NYUAD alumni Mohamed Amine Belarbi, founded his own cybersecurity company

I am constructing four telescopes to look at light that has been traveling toward us for more than 13 billion years, helping us understand the beginning of the universe. Getting up every day and working to answer the most fundamental question, ‘How did it all begin?’ is the most satisfying aspect of my work.

NYUAD alumni Sumit Dahal, PhD student at Johns Hopkins University

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