Interested in becoming a CAMeLeer? There are many opportunities to join the CAMeL caravan:

  • Open positions for Research Scientists, Postdocs and Research Assistants
    • Competitive salaries and excellent benefits including housing and children school subsidies
  • Global Fellowship Doctoral Students
    • A four-year PhD program (from NYU). The student spends the first year in New York City and returns to work on research in the Abu Dhabi campus. Fully covered for tuition and a generous stipend.
  • Undergraduate Researchers
    • NYUAD, NYUNY and NYUSH undergraduates are welcome to participate in CAMeL projects as volunteers, and for credit (directed studies and capstone projects).
  • Visiting Scholars
    • Self-funded or partially-funded scholars can spend time working with our team members.

If you are interested in any of the above options, please contact the director of the CAMeL Lab, Prof. Nizar Habash (