CAMeL Lab (Computational Approaches to Modeling Language) is a research lab at New York University Abu Dhabi established in September 2014. CAMeL's mission is research and education in natural language processing, computational linguistics, and data science.


Research Areas

The following are the main research areas in CAMeL Lab:

  • Arabic Natural Language Processing including research in morphological analysis and disambiguation, syntactic analysis, sentiment analysis, and dialectal processing.
  • Machine Translation with a specific focus on translation for low resource languages, languages with rich morphologies, and hybrid approaches to machine translation.
  • Information Retrieval with a specific focus on speech retrieval.


CAMeL Lab is part of the CADIM Consortium, which is comprised of three research labs with very active collaboration in Columbia University, George Washington University, and New York University Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, CAMeL researchers have been involved in collaborations with researchers in Qatar Computing Research Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh and Qatar), Qatar University, Birzeit University, The American University in Beirut, University of Montreal, University of Malta, University of Bahrain, and Rutgers University.