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Ernesto Reuben, Associate Professor of Economics, NYUAD

Why Men and Women Choose the Jobs They Do

Ernesto Reuben specializes in understanding gender roles in the labor market. His research finds that, once set, stereotypes continue to drive specialization and hiring decisions.

Nikos Nikiforakis, Professor of Economics, NYUAD

Are the Rich More Selfish Than the Poor?

The world's rich hold an ever-increasing share of global resources, so, if it's true that they don't care about others, then we really need to worry, says Nikos Nikiforakis, professor of economics.

Rebecca Morton, Professor of Politics, NYUAD

The Dark Side of the Vote

Rebecca Morton, professor of politics, discusses whether groups make better decisions together than individuals through voting. She finds that when the question is difficult, a dark side emerges.

Rachel Brulé India

Winds of Change for Women's Rights

When entrenched social customs come up against modern legislation, the result can be … complicated, Assistant Professor of Political Science Rachel Brulé explains in her new book.

Robert Allen

Re-Counting the Past

Global Distinguished Professor of Economic History Robert Allen is leading a massive data collection project that will help tell the largely untold story of Middle East economic history.

National Academy of Sciences

National Academy of Sciences

NYU Abu Dhabi faculty Paula England and Claude Desplan were among the 84 new members and 21 foreign associates who were elected.

Social Science Experimental Lab

Getting to Know You

NYUAD is home to one of the only social science experimental labs in the Middle East region.

John O'Brien

Author Spotlight

Enthnographer John O'Brien writes a compelling portrait of Muslim American teenage boys.

Littering Experiment Challenges Popular Theory on Bystander Intervention

Public Littering Experiment

The results of NYU Abu Dhabi research involving public littering has challenged a popular theory on bystander intervention.

Experts Test Game Theory On World's Top Tennis Players

Testing Game Theory

Experts test Nash's game theory on the world's top tennis players with surprising results.

Ghana, West Africa

Policy Influencers

NYU Abu Dhabi research is helping to inform policy and improve lives in developing African nations such as Congo, Ghana, and Uganda.

A view of an exterior of the New York University Abu Dhabi campus on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

Social Science Hub

NYU Abu Dhabi's location in the Middle East is ideal for social scientists conducting research from sub-Saharan Africa to India.

Diplomacy in the Middle East

Experienced scholars Marcel Kurpershoek and Thomas Fletcher discuss the war in Syria, ways to provide education to children displaced by war, and the role that digital diplomacy can play in the future.

In the News

NYU Abu Dhabi Social Science faculty are frequently featured in local and international news media.

Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work
Women in our study recognized that being less visible in the office could hurt their odds of promotion. But they worried that violating feminine norms could leave them even worse off.
Bob Morris | September 19, 2018

NYU Abu Dhabi grant winners hope to solve social issues with their research
Maitha Al Memari and Hannah Taylor will use their grants to research ways to advance educational guidance in the UAE and to explore solutions to the US drug epidemic respectively.
The National | May 30, 2018

Staff bonuses: there is no right way to reward employees
New research sheds light on the best ways to motivate people.
Financial Times | April 04, 2018

When does Russian propaganda work — and when does it backfire? Here’s what we found.
After examining Russia’s 2014 disinformation campaign in Ukraine, we found that Russian propaganda has very uneven effects. Whether it sways individuals to vote for pro-Russian candidates — or backfires, and makes them less likely to do so — depends on the political predispositions of the target audience.
The Washington Post | April 03, 2018

'Diplomats need narrative tone in digital age'
In a panel discussion at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Omar Saif Ghobash, the UAE's Ambassador to France, joined the former British ambassador to Lebanon Thomas Fletcher, in a conversation on digital diplomacy.
Khaleej Times | March 03, 2018

Will Millennials Return to Religion?
New books by pastors, parents, and experts address the challenge.
Publishers Weekly | February 28, 2018

The pursuit of happiness is backed by science – happy people are more productive
There are proven links between happiness and achievement in schools and workplaces, writes Tom Fletcher
The National | February 11, 2018

NYUAD graduate selected as 2019 Schwarzman Scholar
NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2015 graduate Mandy Tan has been chosen as a 2019 Schwarzman Scholar and will go on to pursue the Master’s programme at Tsinghua University in Beijing, starting in August 2018.
Emirates News Agency | December 06, 2017

Welcome to Umbrella Town
Economic historian Robert Allen of New York University warns that China's loss of its competitive edge could see it follow the US and Britain on the path to de-industrialisation.
BBC World Service | November 30, 2017

American corporations need a wake-up call
The emerging middle class in China, India and across African countries will soon dwarf the U.S. total consumption, yet U.S. multinational corporations seem to be missing out on the opportunity to tap into this market.
The Hill | November 29, 2017

‘We Are Not Yet Free’: Living in Slavery’s Shadow in Mauritania
The rising prominence of voices like Dah Abeid’s is helping to chip away at any lingering slavery-related stigma the Haratine might feel, says Erin Pettigrew, a professor of history at New York University in Abu Dhabi who has studied social activism in Mauritania.
International Reporting Project | November 07, 2017

Why are Crimean Tatars so hostile to Russia?
An article and study co-written by Leonid Peisakhin, assistant professor of political science.
Washington Post | September 5, 2017

As the US gets more involved with Somalia, beware these fallacies
An article co-written by Michael Harsch, assistant professor of practice.
Washington Post | July 18, 2017

The real issue with secrets and leaks
Classified leaks are devastating America, writes Rahul Sagar, political scientist.
Washington Post | February 27, 2017

Leaks are totally American, it's just easier now
Rahul Sagar, political scientist, says President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress would very much like you to know that they are victims of betrayal.
Wired | February 16, 2017

Where do US candidates stand on foreign policy?
Political expert Adam Ramey answers questions about the US election from CNN's Becky Anderson.
CNN Connect the World

Why fund investors could roil bonds
A working paper by Lucas Siga studies the links between monetary policy and mutual fund flows, and any potential risks to financial stability.
Wall Street Journal | August 7, 2016

UAE labor mobility creates winners and losers
A research paper co-authored by NYUAD economist Yaw Nyarko "reinforces the need to exercise caution with labour market interventions, as they sometimes backfire."
The National | August 20, 2016

Failed states and the paradox of civilisation: New lessons from history
While cases of state failure have risen in the last decade, most notably in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, they are not a new phenomenon, writes economist Pablo Hernandez-Lagos.
Vox | July 26, 2016

NYUAD professor wins Dan David international prize
A video interview with François Bourguignon, global distinguished professor of economics.
Dan David Prize | May 27, 2016

How a startup's burn rate influences its success
Economist Pablo Hernandez-Lagos discusses startup survival and balanced burn rates.
University of Pennsylvania | May 26, 2016