Minsu Park

Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD Cornell University

Research Areas: Culture; Consumption; Social Networks; Computational Social Science; Human-centered Data Science

Minsu Park works in computational social science with a specialization in the consumption of culture, production of creative work, and social networks. His current research focuses on how informational and normative cues interact with an individual's preference to make a certain decision and how cultural preferences change over time—individually and globally. He mainly uses computational techniques and various digital traces (from large-scale social media and streaming data to physiological signals captured from a custom smartwatch app) to model and understand cultural consumption and production behaviors. However, he strongly believes in using different (and sometimes mixed) methodological approaches to address complex research problems. His research inhabits an interdisciplinary nexus between data science and social science, simultaneously drawing on and contributing to both. His work has been published in top-tier computer and information science conferences (e.g., ICWSM) and interdisciplinary journals (e.g., Nature Human Behaviour).

Courses Taught