Alberto Gandolfi

Alberto Gandolfi, Visiting Professor of Mathematics, NYUAD

Visiting Professor of Mathematics Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: Laurea in Mathematics, Università di Modena; PhD in Mathematics, Delft University of Technology

Alberto Gandolfi is currently Professor of Probability and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Firenze, Italy. He has taught and conducted researches in several universities and research centers including the Courant Institute, NYU, University of California at Berkeley and the Newton Institute in Cambridge. His research interests focus mainly on the application of probability to models in statistical mechanics, including percolation, Ising model, Gibbs distributions, Spin Glasses; other research topics include models for epidemics, bioinformatics, and statistics of unobserved species.

Gandolfi has directed several research projects, the PhD program in mathematics of the University of Firenze, and a Master in Applied Mathematics. He is also the organizer of the La Pietra meetings in Mathematics, which take place regularly at NYU Firenze.

Research interests are statistical mechanics, models for epidemics, bioinformatics, statistics of unobserved species.

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