Georgia Michailidou

Research Scientist Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD University of Nottingham

Research Areas: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Morality and Ethics, AI and Humanity

Georgia Michailidou is an experimental economist. Her main research focus is on economic morality. She uses laboratory and field experiments in which people face incentivised moral dilemmas and develops behavioral models that describe norm-compliant behavior. She is particularly interested on how local social norms affect ethical decision-making. Her experiments have taken place in the UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, and Switzerland.

She is developing a series of laboratory experiments aiming to construct a social identity measurement tool. She is also working on developing lab-in-the-field experimental designs to measure tolerance, cooperation, and the creation of common attitudes between groups that coexist voluntarily or involuntarily.

Her research interests include experimental and behavioral economics, ethical decision making, social identity, assimilation and integration, and distributive justice.