Leonid Peisakhin

Assistant Professor of Political Science Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Email: leonid.peisakhin@nyu.edu
Education: A.B. Harvard University; M.Phil. University of Oxford; Ph.D. Yale University

Research Areas: Comparative politics; Political economy; Political identities; Historical legacies; Post-conflict reconciliation; Eastern Europe

Leonid Peisakhin works on political identities, historical legacies, and post-conflict reconciliation.  Geographically, much of his work is focused on Russia and Easten Europe, although he is also working on projects in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.   Peisakhin's research examines how political identities and persistent patterns of political behavior are created and manipulated by the state.  He studies  cultural legacies of historical political institutions and the longue durée legacy of state-sponsored violence.

Peisakhin is currently finishing a book project, titled Contested Nationhood: Imperial Legacies and Conflicting Political Identities in Ukraine, on persistence of imperial-era political identities in Ukraine, some of which are at the root of the ongoing conflict over Ukraine’s statehood and future political trajectory.  This project draws on a natural experiment of history that divided a homogenous population of ethnic Ukrainians between Russian and Austrian empires.  In addition, jointly with Noam Lupu, Peisakhin is also working on another book manuscript on inter-generational persistence of victim identities and on the impact of these identities on political behavior.  This projects draws on multi-generational surveys in Cambodia, Crimea, and Guatemala.

Peisakhin's research combines multiple methods including experiments, surveys, ethnography, and archival research.  His work has appeared in such venues as American Journal of Political Science and Journal of Law and Economics.

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