Giovanni Federico

Professor of Economic History Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: Laurea University of Pisa; PhD Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa)

Research Areas: Trade and Globalization; Agriculture; Long-term Population Growth

Giovanni Federico is an economic historian, with a strong emphasis on data-intensive quantitative work. He has started his academic career studying modern Italian economic growth in the 19th and  20th century and he still working on Italian issues (most recently the North-South divide).  Later, he developed an interest in global and comparative history. He has published An economic history of silk industry 1830-1930 (Cambridge 1997) and Feeding the world: an economic history of world agriculture, 1800-2000  (Princeton 2005) as well articles on  market integration, trade, industrial and agricultural policy. He has built with Antonio Tena (Carlos III, Madrid) The  Federico-Tena World Trade Historical Database, with series of trade by country from 1800 to 1938, and he is developing a new research project on world population. He is also interested in the recent history and prospects of economic history as a profession. He is currently editor of the Economic History Review.

Courses Taught