Blaine Robbins

Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS Pacific Lutheran University; PhD University of Washington

Research Areas: Group processes; Political sociology; Social networks; Social psychology; Experiments

Broadly, Blaine Robbins is a generalist whose sociological research addresses fundamental questions about the dynamics of social life. His work, which follows from the tradition of analytical sociology, is concerned with the contextual and situational sources of beliefs and preferences, as well as the psychological and cognitive underpinnings of social institutions and social organization.

Detailing in clear and precise ways the causal mechanisms through which micro- and macro-level social outcomes are brought about is central to his research program. To accomplish this task, he uses a battery of methods and techniques — ranging from survey experiments to social network analysis to classic ethnography — that dissect the interactive and multi-level nature of social life. He explores these dynamics and implement this research program through the study of trust and trustworthiness, social norms, collective action, and network formation.

His research interests include group processes, political sociology, social networks, social psychology, experiments.

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