Peter van der Windt

Peter van der Windt, Assistant Professor of Political Science, NYUAD

Assistant Professor of Political Science Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD Columbia University; MPhil(cum laude) Tilburg University

Research Areas: politial economy of development in conflict-prone areas of Africa

Peter studies the political economy of development, particularly in conflict-prone areas of Africa. His research projects explore:

  1. the determinants and impact of rural migration,
  2. in how far international actors can social engineer better local governance structures,
  3. whether mobile phone technology can be used for development,
  4. the importance of social status for local cooperation,
  5.  the role of social networks, and
  6. the impact of foreign investment in Africa’s agriculture and mining sectors.

Peter conducts most of his work in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. He works closely with development organizations (e.g. the IRC, World Bank) and is funded widely (e.g. DFID, 3ie, World Bank, USAID).

Peter holds a PhD in political science from Columbia University and an M.Phil. (cum laude) in economics from Tilburg University. He is a part-time professor of economics (3/12) at Wageningen University’s Development Economics Group, and an affiliate faculty at Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Development Strategies.

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