Stories of the Class of 2021

Each and every student from the Class of 2021 has achieved personal and academic milestones. We celebrate their passion, leadership, strength, solidarity, and resilience through the years, and especially the last three semesters.

Here are some of their stories.

We celebrate your favorite classes that help shaped you.

Electromagnetism and Special Relativity

"I knew I wanted to study physics. But it wasn't until after I had arrived that I became interested in computer science. If you have a passion, definitely follow it."

What It Takes to Make a Film

Ivy Akinyi was looking for a place to grow, not just in terms of the craft but also in intrapersonal skills. A particular course has done exactly that for her.

Circuit Breakers

"This feeling of empowerment was my favorite aspect of the class and it made me a lot more confident in my learning abilities."

We celebrate your passion in making the world a better place.

Coming Full Circle

How NYUAD senior Maha Al Qemzi went from benefiting as a participant to eventually facilitating the NYU Abu Dhabi Girl’s Education Network (GEN).

Even when time seemed to stand still, you found opportunities to do and learn.

Some of you shared your reflections over the past four years as you get ready to graduate.

Amna Hassan

"The most impactful thing for me at NYUAD is the importance the community gives to mental health."

Mauricio Yanez

"NYUAD has taught me how to challenge myself in all aspects of my life while loving and caring for myself."

Malak Abdel-Ghaffar

"I’ve traveled to over 15 countries, lived in four different continents, and met people I would have never come across if I had stayed back home."

Dino Kolonic

“You just feel like you’re in a place where you will get the skills and the community to actually do things that will impact the future.”

Hoor Alnuami and Maitha Alsuwaidi

“We don’t really recognize that it wasn’t just the pandemic that was the challenge, it was getting through those four years, that was a challenge."

Anania Koyachew

"The opportunity to travel, learn, and see different cultures, societies, and systems sparked my innate interest in Economics."

Nada Almosa

"My peers and professors have been a great support group for me."

Maria del Mar Jaramillo

"Whether I spend my Thursday nights blasting Dua Lipa with my friends, or falling asleep to a Netflix show, each semester brings its own unique sense of happiness. We must keep our minds open to change and embrace the ride."

Victoria Zhu

"(NYUAD) made me realize that I could also have these opportunities that I thought were unattainable goals before."

Aren Chen

Flexibility, determination, and university support allowed Aren Chen to pursue a unique internship opportunity.

Nawal Ali

“Being a minority in many places makes me want to be in a more diverse space where I feel I can belong. And that is NYUAD for me.”

Mehak Sangani

“I would be at a campus event and in mid conversation with someone, it would suddenly dawn upon me that gosh, I’m here. I’ve made it to NYUAD.”

Dylan Palladino

"Candidate Weekend will always have a really special place in my heart."

YunKai Lee

“I think NYUAD students are unique in the sense that if life gives us lemons, we would make lemon mint."

Sebastián Caro

"There’s no better time to do anything that really excites you than today.” 

Ivory Lee

"The exposures to these new perspectives and the skills culminated from these experiences have definitely made me a better critical thinker, learner, and leader.” 

Vera Ciocca

"When I think of NYUAD, I see it as a family. Now that I am graduating, it’s very nostalgic to me."

Julia Tymoshenko

"Connections like these are so special at NYUAD because the student body is small here, so you can easily build long-lasting relationships with your professors."