NYU Abu Dhabi Commencement 2024

Highlights from NYU Abu Dhabi 2024 Commencement

Celebrate the Class of 2024
Commencement 2024, Wednesday, May 22

Commencement Speakers
Nobel Laureate and Professor of Practice of Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at NYU Abu Dhabi, Ouided Bouchamaoui.

Nobel Laureate Ouided Bouchamaoui will be the keynote speaker at NYU Abu Dhabi's 2024 Commencement ceremony. Ms. Bouchamaoui is a revered leader in the realms of international business as well as peace advocacy. She played a pivotal role as a member of the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, which was instrumental in the country's democratic transition and was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015.

--NYU Abu Dhabi Vice Chancellor Mariët Westermann

Commencement Student Speaker
Name: Stefan Mitikj
Major(s): Political Science and Social Research and Public Policy
Home Country: Republic of North Macedonia 

Stefan hails from Skopje, where he was born and raised, embracing a rich blend of Macedonian and Serbian familial heritage. He majored in Political Science and Social Research and Public Policy.

Throughout his time at NYU Abu Dhabi, Stefan served as the Social Science Student Representative in the Student Government, was a Managing Editor of The Gazelle, a Class Year Experience Assistant, a First Year Dialogue Facilitator, a Weyak Leader, an Admissions Ambassador, and a Resident Assistant. With a keen interest in diplomacy and cultural exchange, he presided over the South Slavic Club and held the role of Treasurer for the UAE Majlis.

His dedication extended to serving as a Student Embassy Ambassador Liaison for the Macedonian and Serbian embassies. Stefan spearheaded the launch of the Weyak Leader Program and facilitated the development of the Social Science Peer Tutoring Program at the Academic Resource Center.

Commencement Welcome Speaker
Name: Humaid Abdulla Aljailani 
Major(s): Philosophy and Social Research and Public Policy
Home Country: United Arab Emirates

Humaid is from Abu Dhabi, UAE, and was raised in Abu Dhabi, New York, and Berlin.

He double majored in Philosophy and Social Research and Public Policy, and minored in Economics. Humaid actively supported extending NYUADs impact beyond Saadiyat and the university walls, from co-founding the Domestic Students’ Advisory Board, to student government roles on the finance and diversity committees, as well as contributing to NYUAD's experimental, behavioral economics, and education research missions.

Class of 2024 Stories

Read more about students from our graduating class.

Amy Qian

I was going to write about my 2024 J-Term trip to Rwanda for this “favorite memory” question but deep down I realize that it’s all the great people I met at NYUAD that are vital to these memories.

Jason Cruz

Through NYUAD, I was able to leave my mark on Abu Dhabi.

Addie Mae Villas

It was 1am a few years ago, when I heard the once very familiar but now very foreign sound of rain hitting my windowsill. It was raining!

Alya Al Zeyoudi

It’s been a real pleasure and source of pride to share my city, and Emirati culture with so many people from around the world.

Peng Liu

Despite us coming from various cultural backgrounds, our shared traits brought us together at NYUAD.

Stefan Mitikj

In the crucible of the pandemic, our sense of community grew stronger... we persevered through it all. 

Mahmoud Elbeh

Being just a door away from scientists, researchers, and individuals with whom I share similar interests was particularly inspiring.

Megan Marzolf

For me, Interclassico is one of the most special parts of the year.

Aigerim Zhusubalieva

Playing volleyball at NYUAD has been an absolute blessing. The lessons learned – both on and off the court – are priceless.

Roudhah Hamad Al Mazrouei

As I stand on the brink of graduation from NYU Abu Dhabi, that chapter of my life in Florence stands out as an era of profound transformation and growth.

Vanessa Kors

At NYUAD, almost every meal transformed into a memorable experience, shared around the tables in our dining hall and dorms, where friends quickly became family.

Francesca Antonone

Working with the Office of Social Responsibility (OSR) at NYUAD has allowed me to forge strong bonds with our contracted colleagues through genuine interactions.

Dev Kalavadiya

Would I be lost in this vast sea of diversity? Would I feel a sense of belonging so far from my tiny island nation, 15,000 kilometers away?

"I came to NYU Abu Dhabi..."

Waiting for the train to an unknown destination.

Excited of what the future had in store for me.

Wanting to challenge what I thought I knew.

Feeling like an awkwardly grown-up child.

Full of hope and expectation.

To explore the world.

At a crossroads in my life.

Scared of COVID and for a degree.

"I left NYU Abu Dhabi..."

Filled with unforgettable memories.

With an excitement for what the future holds.

Knowing more about myself and the world.

Feeling proud and ready to take the next step.

Feeling a sense of belonging.

Ready to make a global impact.

As myself, older and wiser.

Feeling hopeful about the future.

Commencement 2024 Highlights

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