High-Throughput Screening

The High-Throughput Screening Core Technology Platform is used by biologists and chemists to automate tests using biological and chemical materials. This technology is used in drug discovery, toxicity studies, and cell biology research, and allows researchers to quickly automate the production of millions of chemical and biological tests.

Agilent Bravo Workstation

This platform provides versatile high-throughput liquid handling capabilities for automation of laboratory protocols. The Bravo’s 96LT head provides fast and accurate pipetting across a wide range of volumes (1-250µl); its 9-plate deck accommodates a range of functionalities, while additional accessories are available to cover most laboratory workflows. These include:

  • Plate sealer
  • Microplate labeler
  • Shaker
  • Magnetic plate
  • Vacuum Filtration station
  • Heating/Cooling pads
  • Minihub and Stackers for plate storage
  • Envision Plate Reader to run fluorescent and luminescent assays
  • Trash chute

ThermoFisher High-­Throughput Screening Platform

This is an integrated screening platform with advanced laboratory automation technology for cell-based and whole organism (e.g., microbial, worm, and zebrafish) assays. The HTS platform facilitates the automation of most steps involved in high-throughput screening of small molecule or genomic (e.g., RNAi, CRISPR) libraries. These steps include mixing reagents with cells or whole organisms, sample incubation in controlled environments, and high-content imaging at multiple levels of magnification in both bright-field and multi-channel fluorescence modes.

Using a flexible robotic arm (F5 Robot), the platform integrates diverse modules:

  • Agilent Bravo and Biotek Multiflo: liquid handling stations for reagent delivery
  • Barcode labeler and readers for archiving the flow of experimental items
  • Stations for stirring, shaking, housing, and handling plates
  • ThermoFisher plate sealing, lidding/de­lidding stations
  • Cytomats incubators: six temperature­, CO2­, and humidity­-controlled incubators, with capacity for over 1,700 plates (~160,000 simultaneous assays)
  • Molecular devices Spectramax: microplate reader for fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance readings
  • ThermoFisher Arrayscan: automated microscope for collecting brightfield and fluorescence high­ resolution images from multi­well plates
  • The experimental logic flow is controlled by a centralized scheduling software, enabling a nearly operator­ free environment for performing multi­day screens