NYUAD Professor of Mathematics Awarded 2022 King Faisal Prize in Science

Tunisian mathematician Nader Masmoudi was honored with the most prestigious award in the Muslim world in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of Mathematics.

Professor of Mathematics at New York University’s (NYU) Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and NYU Abu Dhabi affiliated faculty member Nader Masmoudi has been announced as one of the 2022 winners of the prestigious King Faisal Prize (KFP) in Science for his dedicated research and contribution to science.


"Ranked among the most prestigious international awards for scholars and scientists, the Prize is a glowing testament to Nader’s outstanding work and the excellence in research, teaching, and learning at NYU Abu Dhabi. Our vision is to be a world-class leader in global higher education for Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and the world. Through cutting-edge research, we discover unknowns, develop knowledge, foster creativity and innovation, and help solve humanity’s shared challenges. Nader’s scientific contributions are a manifestation of these aspirations."

NYU Abu Dhabi Provost Arlie Petters

Since 2019, Masmoudi has headed the SITE research center within NYU Abu Dhabi’s Research Institute, which works on exploring novel technological advances to progress knowledge on mathematical stability and interactive dynamical systems. He is the author of more than 160 papers devoted to a wide range of key topics in this field, such as fluid dynamics, dispersive equations, and the homogenization of elliptic problems. His work has been cited over 5,000 times. Since 2012, he has published more than 80 papers, including more than 10 in top journals of mathematics such as Annals of Mathematics, Acta Mathematica, Publications de l’IHES, Inventiones Mathematicae, Annales de l’ENS, and Journal of the EMS. 

The King Faisal Prize is yet another milestone in Nader’s remarkable academic career, and the latest in a series of honors and awards, including his election to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2021, the Kuwait Prize in 2019, and the Fermat Prize in 2017. He received a chair of excellence from the Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris from 2016-2017, a Senior Clay Math Scholar in fall 2014, placed first at the Concours of École Normale Supérieure and Ecole Polytechnique in 1994, won a Presidential prize in Tunisia in the same year, and received the gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad in 1992.

Nader earned his Maîtrise as well as DEA and Aggregation in Mathematics from the École Normale Supérieure Paris and PhD in mathematics from Paris Dauphine University.

Launched by the King Faisal Foundation and granted for the first time in 1979, the King Faisal Prize recognizes the outstanding works of individuals and institutions in five major categories: Service to Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, Medicine, and Science. Its aim is to benefit Muslims in their present and future, inspire them to participate in all aspects of civilization, as well as enrich human knowledge and develop mankind. During the 43 years of contribution since its establishment KFF has awarded 275 laureates of 43 different nationalities. An astonishing number of KFF laureates are Nobel Prize winners (21), Gairdner Foundation International Awards winners (13), 11 have won the American National Medal of Science and many more have been honored with a number of internationally renowned awards and accolades.