Molecular and Cell Biology

The Molecular and Cell Biology platform aids in the cloning and subcloning of genes into different vectors; the creation of proteins that are used in biotechnology research; and the biophysical and biochemical structural characterization of different macromolecules.

Gene Cloning and Manipulation
Cloning and subcloning of genes into a variety of different vectors; gene manipulation that alters specific domains, or simply changes fusion tags on proteins; mutagenesis, which alters single amino acids.

Protein Expression and Purification
Includes an efficient E. coli expression system to express verity of protein samples (including human proteins) with purity higher than 95%.

Biophysical and Biochemical Structural Characterization of Different Macromolecules
Characterizes the structure of different macromolecules and determines the thermal and chemical stability of biological macromolecules; analyzes the energetics of binding different molecules to a biological sample; screens for binding partners to the macromolecule using small molecule libraries as the first method in drug discovery and design.

Genomics at single-cell resolution
The Fluidigm system is an integrative microfluidic-based system that enables several complementary genomic applications. The system provides mid- to high-throughput gene expression, genotyping, digital PCR, single-cell expression profiling, and sample preparation for single-cell whole-genome or targeted sequencing. The system has several components accommodating each of these applications at various throughput scales. The system allows running complex processes that would normally be unfeasible using standard approaches.

  • Rheometer - Rheolution Elastosens Bio2
  • Autoclave - Rodwell Sapphire 660 (First Floor)
  • Autoclave - Rodwell Sapphire 660 (First Floor)
  • Centrifuge - Beckman Coulter Allegra X12
  • Centrifuge - Beckman Coulter Avanti J26XPI
  • Chemagic 360-D
  • Circular Dichroism Spectrometer - Applied Photophysics Chirascan plus
  • Microplate reader - Biotek Cytation 5
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry - TA instruments Nano DSC
  • Flow Cytometer - BD Biosciences Accuri C6
  • Flow Cytometer - ThermoFisher Attune NxT
  • FPLC - GE Lifesciences AKTAexplorer
  • HighThroughput qPCR - Fluidigm Biomark HD
  • Isothermal Calorimetry - TA instruments Nano ITC
  • Bioreactor system-Epiphyte3 LEX-48 
  • Library prep for Sequencing - Fluidigm C1
  • Automated Microscope - Biotek LionHeart FX
  • Microcalorimeter - TA Instruments TAM IV nano
  • Microplate Reader - Biotek Synergy H1
  • QPCR - Agilent Technologies Stratagene Mx3005P
  • Shaker - New Brunswick Scientific Excella E24
  • Shaker - New Brunswick Scientific I26
  • Shaker - New Brunswick Scientific Innova 44
  • Stopped-Flow Reaction Analyzer - Applied Photophysics SX20
  • Super Speed Centrifuge - Thermo Scientific Lynx 6000
  • Ultracentrifuge - Beckman Coulter XPN 90
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer - Shimadzu UV-2700
  • Multi-Mode Dispenser -Biotek MultiFlo FX 
  • qPCR- Applied Biosystems QS5
  • Autoclave-Hiclave HV-110
  • Metabolic Analyzer-Agilent Seahorse XFe96
  • BSL2 Tissue Culture Faci+C35:C58lities
  • ChemiDoc MP Imaging System
  • Classic Prestige Medical Autoclaves
  • Countess II Cell Counter
  • EVOS Floid Imaging System
  • Mastercycler Pro PCR
  • Mediaclave 10 and Mediajet Vario 
  • Microfuge 22R Beckman Coulter
  • Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis i-MyRun Units
  • Mini Protean Tetra Cell and Trans-Blot Electrophoresis Kits
  • Multigene Optimax PCR
  • Nanometers
  • Panasonic Heated Incubator
  • Pro250 Cell Homogenizer
  • Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer
  • Uvitec Transilluminator
  • Uvitec Fire Reader Gel Documentation System
  • Sonics Vibra Cell Sonicators (VCXX130, VCX750)
  • Binder CO2 Incubator
  • Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinets 
  • Arpege40 Cryotanks
  • Tube Luminometer-Lumat 3
  • Classic Prestige Medical Autoclaves 

Tissue Culture 

  • Tissue Culture 1
  • Tissue Culture 2
  • Tissue Culture 3
  • Tissue Culture 4
  • Tissue Culture 5
  • BSL-2 Pathogenic Bacterial lab
  • Covid Screening Lab