The Micro-Fabrication Core Technology Platform is used for systems in biosensing, energy conversion, and human health. Utilizing spin coating, mask and bond aligning, reactive ion etching, and vacuum evaporator techniques, this CTP helps researchers produce micro- and nano-materials in a class 1,000 cleanroom environment.

Equipment List

  • Advanced Vacuum Vision 320 RIE
  • Bioprinter GIX II (SonoPlot)
  • Dektek XT-A surface Profiler
  • Denton Vacuum Evaporator DV-502B
  • Heidelberg Instruments DWL66+Mask Writer
  • Kurt Lesker 75TM Sputter/eBeam deposition system
  • Mask Aligner MA8
  • Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT
  • Spin Coater