Postdoctoral and Research

Postdoctoral associates are a vital part of the research community of NYU Abu Dhabi. They bring expertise from international laboratories, often with existing collaborations to assist the broader reach of global research efforts.

Research and scholarship generated at NYUAD focuses on interdisciplinary and stand-alone projects in engineering, marine science, history, economics, neural science, cyber security, art history and philosophy, mathematics, and genomics.

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NYU Abu Dhabi always conducts comprehensive interviews prior to issuing an offer and never requests any candidate to pay for any services (e.g. recruitment, immigration or relocation) in advance of their joining the University.

NYU Abu Dhabi's official website advertises all employment opportunities at any given time and only NYU Abu Dhabi's Human Resources Department are authorized to issue official information regarding such employment opportunities. Additional information about employment opportunities at NYU Abu Dhabi can be found on this website.

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