The Kinesis Core Technology Platform is a space for exploration and experimentation related to motion.  The laboratory is divided into two main zones: the Arena and the Workspace.


The Arena is the dedicated area for motion experimentation. The Arena is a 17m x 6.4m x 8m space constructed from adaptable truss structures with surrounding nets for safety and can be reconfigured accordingly. The lighting system is controllable for colors and intensity, and removable protective mattresses cover the ground area. The Arena is equipped with a local position tracking system, 2 kW sound system, a projection system and a high-speed ethernet and wireless network.


The Workspace houses workstations for eight scientists with a high-speed local network and controllable lighting system. The Workspace is also home to a high-performance GPU unit and a safe charging station for LiPo batteries.

Equipment List

  • Vicon V16 Cameras
  • Kuka LBR iiwa 14 R820
  • Aerotech Linear and Rotary Stages
  • VR Equipment
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drones)