NYU Abu Dhabi’s Research Center on Climate and Environment Renamed Mubadala ACCESS Center

Deputy Chief Corporate and Human Capital Officer at Mubadala Mansour Al Ketbi and Vice Chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi Mariët Westermann

The Mubadala Arabian Center for Climate and Environmental Sciences will continue its leading efforts in cutting-edge scientific research

NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has received a commitment from Mubadala to sponsor its Arabian Center for Climate and Environmental Sciences (ACCESS). Through the strategic partnership, the center has officially been renamed the Mubadala ACCESS Center.

The Mubadala ACCESS Center is a leading research center on the climate and environment of the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region. It will support keeping scientific research on local and regional climate change and the environment at pace with the rapid development of the societies and economies that dwell in the region. 

NYUAD Associate Professor of Biology and Co-Principal Investigator of Mubadala ACCESS Center John Burt and Vice Chancellor Mariët Westermann

“We are immensely grateful for the support of Mubadala, which has long been a great partner for NYUAD, to advance the research carried out by this critical center. Mubadala’s generous sponsorship significantly contributes to the UAE’s position as a leader in sustainable development by fostering the work of world-class environmental scientists based in the country. The Mubadala ACCESS Center’s team of researchers will continue their invaluable work on climate change and environmental science of the Gulf and Arabian peninsula, and contribute relevant expertise to the country’s response to the climate crisis.”

NYUAD Vice Chancellor Mariët Westermann

"Mubadala’s commitment to creating long lasting partnerships is an unwavering part of our DNA. As we continue to forge strategic partnerships, sponsoring the ACCESS Center at NYU Abu Dhabi is a testament to our ongoing support to advancing environmental sciences. Collaborations like these are an important part of our mission and vision to drive positive change, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange for a sustainable future."

Deputy Chief Corporate and Human Capital Officer at Mubadala Mansour Al Ketbi

The Center is led by an executive leadership team that includes NYUAD Associate Professor of Mathematics Francesco Paparella, NYUAD Associate Professor of Biology and marine biologist John Burt, and NYUAD Associate Professor of Biology and Global Network Associate Professor of Biology Shady Amin. The team manages a wider group of researchers across various environmental disciplines and climate sciences, spanning oceanography, marine biology, and microbial ecology.

The Mubadala ACCESS Center collaborates with UAE government agencies and public stakeholders to productively support understanding causes and consequences of climate change specific to the region both ahead of and after the UAE’s hosting of COP28. Its scientists are part of the Climate Change Research Network instituted by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. 

Along with basic scientific research, the Mubadala ACCESS Center team builds observational and modeling capacity in the marine and atmospheric sector in the region. It also integrates the multidisciplinary competencies present within NYUAD and NYU’s Global Network with a view to correlating ongoing environmental research with the rapid development of regional societies and economies. 

While the center’s research is locally focused, it contributes to the understanding of wider ecological trends and the implementation of climate-related strategies on regional and global scales.