Engineering research at NYU Abu Dhabi crosses the boundaries of traditional engineering disciplines and encompasses broad interdisciplinary areas that embody key characteristics of our age. The faculty are involved in new and emerging technological fields, such as bioengineering, nanotechnology, microfabrication, smart materials, and cyber security.

Engineering Research Themes

Engineering Projects and Labs

Biomechanics Laboratory

Focus: mechano-biological systems with special attention paid to biological variability and uncertainty.

Cyberphysical Systems Lab

Focus: to devise architectures, algorithms and protocols that guarantee an efficient and robust operation.

Design Technology Lab

Focus: real-world technological design problems regardless of their field, including history, literature, and sciences.

Integrated BioElectronics Lab

Focus: advancing the engineering and applications of silicon integrated technology interfacing with biology in a variety of forms ranging from implantable biomedical devices to unobtrusive wearable sensors.

NetBio Group

Focus: the behavior of networks with particular emphasis on synthetic biology applications, blending theory with experiments.

Photonics Research Lab

Focus: to develop novel Photonic/Optoelectronic components for next-generation optical and data communication networks.