At the Forefront

Cryptologist Hoda Al Khzaimi is a leader in cybersecurity research

UAE National Hoda Al Khzaimi is the first Emirati female appointed to direct the NYU Abu Dhabi Center for Cyber Security. Al Khzaimi grew up in the emirate of Fujairah and has held several posts in research and development in the cyber security and cryptology fields over the past ten years.

The Center for Cyber Security is an active player in achieving interdisciplinary research in diverse areas of science and security. Our goal is to manifest a resilient security practice and add a critical value to national and international cyber security welfare,” Al Khzaimi said,” and to contribute to the creation of an effective industrial cyber security ecosystem.”

The Center’s primary research areas include system and network security, digital forensics, trusted hardware design, smart grid security, economics of information security in critical infrastructure, cyberinfrastructure connections and security, cryptology (hardware/software).