Majors and Minors

NYU Abu Dhabi offers 22 undergraduate majors across Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Science, and Social Science, and numerous multidisciplinary minors and specializations.

As the student body and faculty grow, new courses are developed to reflect student interests and expanding faculty expertise. Course offerings also enriched by the wide array of programs across NYU’s global network. During four years of undergraduate study, students have an extensive choice of courses in all disciplines and are able to fulfill all graduation requirements.


African Studies
Minor Multidisciplinary
The Ancient World Minor Multidisciplinary
Anthropology Minor Arts and Humanities
Arabic Minor Arts and Humanities
Arab Crossroads Studies Major Multidisciplinary
Arab Crossroads Studies Minor Multidisciplinary
Arab Music Studies Minor Multidisciplinary
Art and Art History Major Arts and Humanities
Art History Minor Arts and Humanities
Art Practice Minor Arts and Humanities


Major Science


Major Science
Chinese Minor Arts and Humanities
Computer Science Major Science
Computer Science Minor Science
Creative Writing Minor Arts and Humanities


Design Minor Multidisciplinary


Economics Major Social Science
Economics Minor Social Science
Engineering - Civil Major Engineering
Engineering - Computer Major Engineering
Engineering - Electrical Major Engineering
Engineering - General Major Engineering
Engineering - Mechanical Major Engineering
Engineering Minor Engineering
The Environment Minor Multidisciplinary


Film and New Media Major Arts and Humanities
Film and New Media Minor Arts and Humanities


History Major Arts and Humanities
History Minor Arts and Humanities


Interactive Media Minor Multidisciplinary


Legal Studies Major Multidisciplinary
Legal Studies Minor Multidisciplinary
Literature and Creative Writing Major Arts and Humanities
Literature Minor Arts and Humanities


Mathematics Major Science
Mathematics - Applied Minor Science
Music Major Arts and Humanities
Music Minor Arts and Humanities


Natural Science Minor Science


Peace Studies Minor Multidisciplinary
Philosophy Major Arts and Humanities
Philosophy Minor Arts and Humanities
Physics Major Science
Political Science Major Social Science
Political Science Minor Social Science
Psychology Major Science
Psychology Minor Science


Social Research and Public Policy Major Social Science
Social Research and Public Policy Minor Social Science
Sound and Music Computing Minor Multidisciplinary


Theater Major Arts and Humanities
Theater Minor Arts and Humanities


Urbanization Minor Multidisciplinary