Film and New Media Major

Abu Dhabi links NYU Abu Dhabi Film and New Media majors to some of the largest and oldest film industries in the world, including India, Egypt, and the vibrant film and new media cultures throughout the Maghreb and the Mashriq, Iran, Turkey, South and East Asia, Africa, and the Gulf, as well as Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. This is a vibrant training ground for makers, curators, and students of film and new media.

The program encourages students to explore other areas of arts by requiring them to take one or more classes in another arts programs in order to deepen and broaden their understanding of their fields. Students also benefit from the NYU global network's unique resources and are encouraged to study at our worldwide sites, such as Accra and London, and NYU’s other portal campuses in New York and Shanghai.

The program prepares students for a lifetime of creative and critical thinking and rigorous analysis of media, as well as a solid foundation for graduate and professional programs in a wide variety of disciplines and fields, as well as careers as filmmakers, scholars, curators, critics, educators, innovators, and leaders in film and new media organizations and industries.